Monday, April 9, 2012

We Got Your Wiki Back - Sikivu Hutchinson!

Regular readers of this blog might remember a few months ago I wrote a blog for She Thought explaining the We Got Your Wiki Back! project.  Along with the reasons why it is important, I followed up with my normal plea for editors.

Well guess what, not a single person signed on.

No one.

I wrote to several people that will be speaking at the Women in Secularism conference this May.  Debbie Goddard responded, but her Wikipedia page had already been targeted for deletion and I was unable to save it.  Jennifer McCreight's page has just had an over hall which happened because she asked for help. One of the other speakers was very rude with comments about Wikipedia editors.  All the others that I had contact info for, ignored me. Only Sikivu Hutchinson responded.  Sikivu supplied me with links and pictures and over the last 3 weeks the page has really developed.  Tonight I'm proud to be able to launch a total re-write of the page.  See the bottom of this page for Before/After lnks.

Thanks to everyone on the team for your feedback on the page.  Brian Engler quickly responded to my call for pictures, he even managed to edit her face out of a group shot for the main photo on her page.  Adam Isaak donated an image from the last Humanist conference (but alas, we didn't end up using it).  Wendy Hughes sent me links and told me that she has a famous father who is also on Wikipedia, thus I was able to add her name to his page also. 

I wanted to point out that some of these women speakers pages are being improved behind the scenes.  Lei Pinter is working on cleaning up Greta Christina and Ophelia Benson's pages with new images supplied by Brian, and some general housekeeping. 

We are making a difference, it is slow, but it is getting done.  

Sikivu Hutchinson was such an interesting topic, I had not known of her before the re-write.  She has done (and continues to do) some amazing things.  I listened to all of her lectures and read a lot about her.  Fascinating woman.  The billboard idea was a very clever idea, linking modern Black non-believers to Back non-believers from the past.

Speaking of the billboard project.  I would like to see more street-view images like the one on this page.  Its a formal way to link the two Wikipedia pages together.  I put the same billboard image up on Zora Neale Hurston's page with a link back to Sikivu's page.  Zora Hurston gets over 35K hits each month which means the Sikivu Hutchinson page has been exposed to an additional 35K readers.  There is nothing stopping other pages to be linked by their common billboard.  We just need others to become involved. 

Write to me at

Sikivu Hutchinson Before

Sikivu Hutchinson After

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