Sunday, April 15, 2012

We got your Wiki Back! - Tom Flynn

I wasn't all that familiar with Tom Flynn, but his name kept coming up in podcasts and articles I was interested in.  I also started noticing pictures of him standing at the podium at various conferences as I browsed through photo albums.  Nearly every time I came across his name I looked at his Wikipedia page and cringed.  Finally I copied the page to a private user page and started to work. 

I hadn't remembered until I started working on his page, but Flynn is the author of one of the first skeptical books I've ever read.  I picked it up I believe at the Skeptical Congress in Burbank, CA many years ago. 

Anyway, Tom Flynn's Wikipedia page was overdue for a re-write.  I really enjoyed listening to the old interviews on Point of Inquiry and reading issues from Free Inquiry.  Lots of great skeptical stuff there.  I was able to use another picture from friend of this project Brian Engler and also an image from Andy Ngo whom I wrote to months ago and asked if he would upload some of the images he took from the Humanist Film Festival in Portland, OR. 

Here is the page as I found it back in November 2011

Here is the new page

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