Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Smithsonian Article on Women Wikipedia Editors

Just a quick note to catch you up on how busy we have been.  Several really exciting pages are going up or just went up.  Rick Duffy launched the brand new page for SkeptiCamp.  Looks wonderful and seems to be stalled while awaiting consideration for Did You Know? recognition. 

Lei Pinter has been working on Reason Rally as well as several other projects including Greta Christina. 

Dustin Phillips is about done with a complete re-write for Alison Gopnik.  It is going to be an amazing makeover just wait and see. 

Photographer Brian Engler has been uploading pictures like a mad man. And we are adding them to pages as fast as he uploads them.  I have a couple more photographers who are in the process of uploading images from Reason Rally, TAM and the Florida Humanist Convention. 

I've got multiple pages going at once, creating a page for Actress and skeptic Rachel Bloom and total re-writes for Secular Humanist Tom Flynn, Magician Paul Zenon and  Professor Sikivu Hutchinson.

I have more waiting in the wings to start, so if you want to help or have something to add I'm all ears.

The main reason for this blog post was to introduce you to this terrific article my friend Jarret from  The Odds Must Be Crazy website sent me.  Great title, "How Many Women Does it Take to Change Wikipedia".  Regular readers know I don't focus on one area, my blogs are all over the place with topic choices.  This author is correct there is a small percentage of female Wikipedia editors.  I don't know this for sure but would suppose this to be true, that female scientists pages are in bad need of attention.  Science = Skepticism so we need to keep an eye on this area as well.  You all know I don't want to assign people to specific pages, I want people to edit pages they enjoy.  Editing is fun, and I want it to stay that way.  But check out Sarah Stierch's article and comment.  We bloggers thrive on getting comments.


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