Monday, January 27, 2014

Voice Intro Project - WikiMedia Commons

Ever so often you come across something that just makes you feel wonderful no matter how bad your day might have been.  This project is right up there with playing with a kitten or puppy, maybe better.

Voice Intro Project

The blog that started it all

GSoW is going full force with this.  I'm approaching everyone we have written a page for, and everyone I can think of that has a Wikipedia page.  This is so awesome.

Check out these examples in the English area.

So if you have access to someone who has a Wikipedia page (or is likely to have a Wikipedia page) please record them pronouncing their name, and a small intro about themselves. Date of birth, where born, occupation or whatever.

Record it as a .ogg file if you can.  Apparently there are helpers that will help with the conversion if needed. If you can upload it to Wikimedia Commons and send us the URL then I would be most grateful.  If not please just send the recording to us and we will do what we can to make this happen.

Please respond to