Friday, October 16, 2015

Australian Skeptic Convention 2015 Show Notes

Hello All

These are the notes from the GSoW lecture given on October 17, 2015. Here you will find the examples given on screen and even more goodies.  Enjoy and Share


Australian Skeptics - rewrite by Michelle Franklin - Before & After

Amanda Bauer - Greg Neilson - Brand New Page 

Friends Of Science In Medicine - Christine Daley - Before & After

Rachael Dunlop new page (with audio) written by new editor Sean Whitcomb. Rachael was also featured on the front page of English Wikipedia as a Did You Know... Here are the stat views during that day.

Maynard - Greg Neilson - Before & After

This is the before and after for Sherri Tenpenny.  The work on this page was completed by Susan Gerbic and two non-GSoW skeptics, Joe Alabaster and Phil Kent.  

Stephanie Messenger (Brand New Page) - Susan Gerbic - This is the anti-vax author of Melanie's Marvelous Measles which encourages children to seek out and embrace measles in order to make themselves stronger. The Melanie's Marvelous Measles Wikipedia page was written by Susan Gerbic in May 2015.

Franklin House (Launceston) page rewritten while at the Launceston Workshop - Before & After

Astronomical Society of New South Wales - new page created by Greg Neilson

Astronomical Society of Victoria - Greg Neilson

Launceston Skeptics brand new page created by Susan Gerbic

Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters (Brand New Page) - This page was written by one of the new English editors, James Williams Fun Fact - The NRVS people were unaware of the creation of their Wikipedia page, it was decided that as the Brisbane Skeptics were having a SkeptiCamp on Saturday July 4th and at least one member of the NRVS team would be in attendance, GSoW would delay announcement of the page.  Susan Gerbic and James Williams gave the skepticamp organizers a video where James surprised the audience with the page. Video here

Warrick Couch - by editor Greg Neilson was a brand new creation. 

Bart Bok - Greg Neilson - Before & After

Priscilla Fairfield Bok - Brand new page in Spanish by Monica Quijano

Maynard & Bart Bok
View stats for Bart Bok and his wife Priscilla Bok
View stats for Maynard

Audio of Skeptics Project - This audio is recorded, edited and uploaded for use on Wikipedia pages.

Recent interviews and mentions 

Skeptic Zone - Maynard interviews Susan Gerbic at the Sydney SitP 28:33

Reality Check Podcast - Interview with Susan Gerbic about GSoW

The Scathing Atheist - Susan Gerbic interview

Skeptoid guest article by Susan Gerbic

The Skeptic Zone - Richard Saunders interviews Susan Gerbic about the GSoW vaccine project.

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine - Vol 39 No 5 September/October 2015 - pgs 52-53 "Is Wikipedia a Conspiracy? Common Myths Explained" - Susan Gerbic (print version only)

Skepticality "Future Climate Thoughts" Susan Gerbic segment - "Assignment 6"

Shoutout from Skeptics with a K (0:00–2:20)

Daniel Loxton's Insight Blog about TAM 2013 workshop on Preserving Skeptic History

CFI Summit - Workshop - October 2013

Science Based Medicine - Steven Novella - Why Wikipedia is so important concerning medical pages.