Saturday, October 13, 2012

We got your Wiki Back Jerry Andrus - Arabic العربية

I'm amazed at the talent I have on this team.  Out of the blue tonight, Nicola Mazbar posts "Done" in the Arabic team page.  I look and there is this beautiful page all translated and ready for the Arabic world.  I'm just a bit stunned that he made it look so easy. 

Jerry Andrus

What makes this more cool is that although I didn't have a speaker position at Dragon*Con, I talked to everyone that would listen about the World Wikipedia and the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia projects.  Nicola must have just heard a couple minutes of me talking (probably on a unguarded microphone) when he approached, got my business card and the next thing I knew he was involved and editing.

So I hope you all are as proud as I am of our very first Arabic release.

Thank you Nicola Mazbar! 

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