Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Portrait's Adventure on World Wikipedia

You might remember that a member of the World Wikipedia project, Filipe Russo rewrote the Portuguese page for Penn & Teller.  It is beautiful, but we had a horrible time trying to find a picture of Penn & Teller.  The one that was on the page was from 1988 and looked like they were attending a prom together.  We finally used a portrait of them with Jerry Andrus.

I put out a call to my FB friends and even tried to contact Penn & Teller to get a new photo uploaded.  No luck. I can not just take a portrait from the Internet, we have to have the photographer upload the image to Wikimedia Commons. 

Greg Dorais who attended a lecture I gave in San Francisco last month came to our rescue.  He uploaded a lovely image of P&T with James Randi that he took this year at TAM 2012.   So here is the image and its new life on Wikipedia.

In Dutch

In Spanish

In Suomi

In French

In Bahasa Indonesia There is a great promo portrait here which I suspect is not correctly licensed and should be removed.

In Italian 

In Nederland

In Polish

In Swedish


In Chinese

Thank you Greg.  Look how much improvement your one upload was to many pages.  While writing this blog, several of my team have already translated the caption to the correct language.  So Greg I suppose you can now state with evidence that you are an international portrait photographer.  Start updating your resume.

If others are inspired to help with this project, check through your photo albums, do you have an image that will improve a page?  Let me know,  susangerbic@yahoo.com and we can make that happen.

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