Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Got Your Wiki Back in Portuguese - Jerry Andrus!

I received a lot of kudos over the six pages I just launched last week, that was a lot of work and took a ton of time.  I'm very proud of those pages, but I think this announcement tops that.  Our first World Wikipedia project is completed.! The editor is Nix Dorf who lives in Brazil and has never written a page before.  He contacted me a few days after TAM 2012 when he saw a 2 minute video of me talking about needing foreign language editors. 

Nix completely understood what the goal of the project was, and started right in.  He forged ahead and just started editing.  I wasn't quite sure how this all would happen, and thought it would move a lot slower, but guess that wasn't Nix's plan. 

Several of the videos we are using for references on this page are now captioned in Portuguese.  Other videos are pure Andrus's illusions and need no translating.  Which is one reason I decided to start with Jerry Andrus.  Optical Illusions are universal.

Now we have several other pages started and I'm really enjoying watching them learn.  Every question they have helps me improve how I explain things and train.  This is great fun and very exciting.  Browsing through pages in Portuguese I can't find anyone in the skeptic universe  that has a nicer more detailed page than Jerry Andrus has now.

The plan was to use Jerry Andrus as a starting point.  One page on skepticism that was well written that we could branch off of, hopefully, someday all the names and topics on Andrus's page will have a blue hyperlink to another Portuguese page.

Now the Portuguese editors can move on to other skeptical spokespeople and topics. I'm really hoping that we won't just concentrate on Americans, but try to focus on people that are relevant to that language's pages.  Skeptics that appear on TV, radio, print media in Portuguese.  I don't know who these people are, but hope that the team will identify them and get started. 

So here is the link to our first Wikipedia World new page.  Thank you again Nix!

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  1. Hey! Thank you very much. This is just the start. But write a page from scratch is certainly much more work than translate them. Thanks for your lead and help. Thanks to the other editors that are making this project move on.