Sunday, August 5, 2012

Uploading Captions to existing videos

So you have been asked to upload captions to your video.  Thank you in advance.  Having captions not only allows hearing impaired people to be able to watch your video, it allows people to watch it in other languages.

With the Wikipedia World project we are working to caption tons of interviews and other subject matter so that we can turn around and use them for citations on Wikipedia pages.  This is much quicker and easier than translating entire notable documents that probably do need to be translated. 

The following is specific instructions on how to upload captions to YouTube if you are asked.  Below these instructions is a plea for you all picture and video holders to preserve the history you have created, and make available for future projects.


You should have received an email with a file attached, the extension will probably be .srt  You do not have to open this file. 

Next go to the video on YouTube. 

You see that little downward arrow next to the Annotations tab?  Click on that down arrow.

Click on Captions

Now click on upload caption file or transcript.  Your file screen should come up.  You need to find the file that was sent to you amongst all the other files.  Open that file.

 Change the tab to the language that it is translated into.  Click upload. 

You should be able to see the changes you have made by clicking on the "view on video page" tab.

Under the video there is a red CC If you click on that you will be able to click on the translation you want to see displayed on the video. 

If you click on the CC button you will see a "settings" feature.  If you play around with these you can make the captions appear better.  I haven't done this yet, but I suppose it can be very helpful for certain videos.

Please spread the video around in your social world.  Talk up this project.  We need tons of people to help out.  Once they realize they might be holding onto videos that may be useful to the Wikipedia World project they might just upload them, or bring them to our attention.  (contact me at

I'm not sure how an owner can make their account available for others to upload without having you do it for us.  If someone knows how this can be done I would love an answer.  If you are a video owner, remember you are in-trusted with a piece of history that may be needed for projects we can't even imagine how we will use in the future. 

Somehow you need to find a way to pass on permissions for these videos in case you are incapable or unavailable in the future.  I'm releasing permissions and passwords to some key people in my life with instructions on how the pictures and videos can be used.  Also I have made several people I trust admins on my blogs, projects and accounts so they can move right in and keep things on track if I'm unable to.  I'm trying to avoid the founders syndrome right up front. 

I'm looking at videos of Jerry Andrus that aren't perfect, not the most amazing quality, but they are available and the content is wonderful in my eyes.  If these videos and pictures didn't exist, then a piece of history would be completely lost.  See this blog about how you can help out with the Wikipedia projects without becoming an editor


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  2. Youtube gives users the option of publishing their video under a CC-BY license btw. Doing this makes it possible to have screenshots or even the entire video transferred to Wikimedia Commons.