Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skeptoid 300th Episode - PARTY PARTY PARTY

Last night I attended the 300th Skeptoid episode party, great fun!  Sometimes opportunities are too good to pass up and I managed to get some nice images even though the lighting was really awful.  The Skeptiod Wikipedia page has been updated, but still needs more attention than I have time for.  I've left a blub about the "Gypsy Queen" (listen to episode before reading my edit).  I'm relying on my memory of what happened last night and could easily have several things wrong, if you think the edit needs rewriting please do so with my blessing.

While your at it could you also add in the third Skeptoid book and help expand the article?  We really need to find secondary sources to improve the article.  This means notable places/people talking about Skeptoid.

Noticed that the talented Rachel Bloom's Wikipedia page for her Ray Bradbury video needs updating as well.  Mark Edward and I have a personal connection with the video and Bradbury so I added Mark's skeptiblog article about the experience to the External Links.  (yes I know External Links and blogs are a no-no.  If someone complains I'll quote from the article as a reference and remove the external link)  While I was on the page I did a general cleanup of all the nasty red unlinked text and moved some things around.  Bloom's page before.  Bloom has a lot of articles in the External Link area, if someone wanted to take the time to read through all the articles there should be enough content from them to expand the Wikipedia page into something more substantial.  HINT HINT

Matt Kirshen did not have a picture on his Wikipedia page, which now has been fixed.  His page now links back to Skeptoid because of the image.

I got a few other nice images from that party.  I'll hold onto them in case one of the other people at the event need pictures for their future Wikipedia pages.

The moral of this story is to continually look out for opportunities to improve Wikipedia pages.  At times it seems like something "someone else should do" or "why bother?" I'm here to tell you that we need to stop looking for someone else to do it, and get busy.  There is a lot of work to be done (its fun trust me!) But we need to show the world that our skeptical spokes people are important, they are supported and We Have Their Wiki Backs!

NOTE:  Having a party or conference?  Keep me in mind!

Congratulations Brian Dunning on your 300th episode and your future endeavors!

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