Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cafe Inquiry in CFI - Hollywood - Fun Fun Fun!

Editing Bible Code

Just finished last night an unusual workshop of this project.  I learned a lot, and hope to be able to improve my delivery for future workshops.

I learned that when you are talking about a project that is this much fun and feel so passionate about, I can really get carried away with examples.  People ask such interesting questions and want to show them examples of how I solved the problem that I can easily get off topic.  BUT some of the tangents were very interesting.

It is difficult to really know where to go with these kinds of workshops when you have a mixed group of people, some are very aware of the project, and others are not.  Some are beginning editors and some have edited quite a lot.  Just really varies.
My Skeptical Inquirer interview about Guerrilla Skepticism

I provided examples of simple and advanced edits that really need to be done.  First I went into the Wikipedia page and made the edit myself, then erased everything and wrote an email to myself with all the edits and the reasons why and how to make the changes.  Then projected all the examples up on the screen and people came up one by one and selected the one they wanted to work on.  I forwarded the email to them right there and they were able to go out in the lobby and follow the instructions to make the edit themselves.  That worked quite smoothly and hope to be able to use that again.  Takes a while to write the examples though.
Michael Brode edits Energy (esotericism) page

I'm hoping they found the instructions clear and enjoyed the process, as well as learned something.  They still have the email and everything was put on their watchlist, so they can revisit the instructions.  I checked with everyone (I hope) to make sure they knew how to check their watchlist and why.  I think most people learn by doing, and this exercise was just that.

I want to share some of the pictures that Mark Edward took as well as some of the changes made last night.  I even have four examples left over if someone wants to take them on.  If you want one of these leftover exercises, first come first served.

I'm in the process of creating an email list for anyone in the LA area that would like to have a less formal workshop once a month (or every couple months) when I'm in the area.  We could do the same thing, project my computer onto the big screen and I can edit right there.  We can look together at pages that need work, or whatever challenges or lessons that need to be learned.  If you are interested in being on this list please contact me
Brian Hart intent on his edit of Dr. Oz

Dave Richard editing Dr. Dean Edell

There is also a possibility that I can do the same at CFI in San Francisco (only 2 hours North of me) or any other place that has WiFi and lots of outlets.  A giant projector screen like at CFI West would be wonderful.

It would be a fun Edit-A-Ton Party.  Informal and fun!

Here are the edits that were completed last night.  NOTE:  The highlighted green writing on the left top of the page shows you what has been changed.  Click on this icon on the left upper side of the screen and you can see what the previous page looked like. 

Energy (esotericism) Before
Energy (esotericism) After

Bible Code

Dean Edell

Dr. OZ

FYI - just created a Facebook closed group for people wanting to edit and learn.

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