Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CSI Page updated

Finally got a chance to take a good look at CSI's Wiki page tonight.  I didn't look at how long it has been since it was updated, but it must have been quite some time as I was able to add about 20 Fellows to the list they provide.  There are 32 more people who are Fellows but are missing Wikipedia pages.  We probably should take a look at that also.

Here is the "before" page.  And the "after" page. 

I talk about using lists, and creating hyperlinks on earlier blogs.  It is one of the simplest forms of editing besides correcting spelling and grammar.  I added at least 25 hyperlinks on the CSI page to link to other Wiki articles, and corrected the spelling of two words.

Why are adding hyperlinks so important?   We need to use each other as resources, gather hits from one site to another.  Each of the 20 new fellows I added to that list will gain hits just because their name was found on the page. CSICOP received 2,348 hits to its Wiki page in June 2011.  Not tons but we need to maximize each and every lead.  

I'm really torn about adding the people who are Fellows but don't have a Wiki page to the CSI page.  The names would appear in Black and not be linkable to anything, but I think I might just do it on the off-chance that they will get a page, and also that way the CSI Fellows page is complete.  

IIG was not represented on their page, and I soon fixed that.  Also had to update the normal IIG page to show that new affiliates in Washington DC, Atlanta and Denver are now IIG.  There are a couple others almost finished becoming affiliates and when that happens I (or someone) will need to update both CSICOP and the IIG page.

I'm leaving this project unfinished in the hope that someone will take up the ball and help out.

One of the things next to do is to go to each one of the Fellow's Wiki pages and make sure that the affiliation with CSICOP is mentioned.  

I've noticed that there is no mention on Asimov's page of his support (and I believe founding help) of CSICOP.  Whoever updates his page needs to find a citation proving his link to CSI.  Try for the article(s) to link to. 

The page is on my watchlist, so really looking forward to seeing some editing going on.  As you find (note I didn't say "if") fellows whose pages are neglected and badly need updating, please comment here so others will know. 

Thanks in advance!


  1. Thank you Allecher! I see at least two people you have taken care of. Gold Star to you! Thanks again.

  2. I'm slow but over time it will make an impact. (:smile)

  3. You bet!

    July 2011 12,777 hits Steven Pinker
    July 2011 3,151 hits Phil Plait

    Great job. Keep it up!

  4. Allecher! You've been busy today!