Monday, July 25, 2011

We Got Your Wiki Back! ~ Page Makeovers!

I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone that is working on the edits for this project.  I'll update this page as I find more.  But wanted you to check out the before and after. 

You can always find the before of a page by clicking on the "view history" tab on the upper right side of the Wiki page you are viewing. Click on the "Date written in Blue".

I'm linking to the page as I originally saw it.  The after page may change from the time I'm posting this to the time you get a chance to view it.

Brian Dunning (skeptic)  BEFORE
Brian Dunning (author)  NOW

Sean Faircloth BEFORE
Sean Faircloth   NOW

MonsterTalk BEFORE (the before is what was written in 12 hours and launched when Karen Stollznow's page made the Did You Know? front page of Wikipedia on Saturday July 23, 2011. 
MonsterTalk  NOW

Jennifer McCreigh  BEFORE  (this was what the page looked like on July 24, 2011)
Jennifer McCreigh   NOW

Ben Radford  BEFORE
Ben Radford   NOW

Looking for a page that needs improvement?  Check out some of these Category Pages.  Close your eyes and click on a name, and that is your "date" for the next hour or so.  Do what you can to clean up as best you can.  Remember that these Category Pages are lacking entries.  Follow the directions from this blog to add more people to the page so everyone can play along.

[[Category: American skeptics]]
[[Category: Australian sceptics]]
[[Category: New Zealand sceptics]]
[[Category: Brazilian skeptics]]
[[Category: Indian skeptics]]
[[Category: Finnish sceptics]]
[[Category: British sceptics]]
[[Category: English skeptics]]
[[Category: Canadian skeptics]]

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