Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thermographic Camera and other Normal Pages

I've discussed the importance of "tagging" paranormal sites.  I've also written about how important it is to have "the backs" of those speaking out for us.  Now here is another avenue we should be thinking about when the opportunity arises. 

Generally our audience are the "fence sitters" that maybe are starting to question their beliefs and or people who are already in the choir.  Sometimes its just a good idea to get the skeptical world into the eyes of the general public, let them know we are out there and maybe they will be curious and follow links to our publications. 

In this example, working backwards I found a couple of articles in SI by Ben Radford.  I went to the Wikipedia page for Thermographic Camera and left this blurb.

Infrared cameras have become a staple of ghost hunting investigations. Some episodes of Ghost Hunters and other paranormal programs show the team members using the camera to create false positive readings that amateur ghost hunters mistake for ghostly activity. Author and Investigator Benjamin Radford discusses how easily heat left by a body can be picked up by a infrared camera minutes after the person has moved from the spot, fooling ghost hunters into thinking they have just found evidence of a ghost.[4][5]

Its been months and no one has touched my edit.

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