Monday, June 20, 2011

TAM9 ~ The Amaz!ing Meeting

Yours truly will be presenting Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia at TAM9 this July in Las Vegas for the JREF.  In this paper presentation I'm allowed only 10 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A.  I have to do a powerpoint presentation and somehow will have to manage to get my message across in this short amount of time.  I welcome any feedback on how to get this done clearly and quickly. 

I'm presenting Sunday July 17th, 2011 between 8-10am.  Would really like to see some friendly smiling faces in the audience.  They are expecting 1,500 skeptics at TAM9 this year, at least 50% will show for the early morning Sunday lecture.  Thankfully I'm not the shy type.

If you have not heard of TAM I'm sorry.  It is THE biggest meetup of skeptical whose who.  But more than that everywhere you go everyone is a like-minded thinking and they are dying to meet you too.  Just an awesome place to be.  I know its July in Las Vegas, but we rarely venture outside.  There is way too much happening right there in the casino all day long.  This will be my 5th TAM and probably the best by far.  Just check out the list of speakers.

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