Saturday, January 26, 2013

We keep on turning them out - Updates in the world of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia

A lot has been completed by the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia team in the last couple months. Here are the updates.


Erich von Däniken received a re-write by editor Luís Pratas. 
Erich before  
Erich after 
what a difference, the page receives about 2,500 views each month, so very important it is in great shape, complete with the skeptical message.

Luís Pratas also re-wrote the page for Indigo Children, and while he was researching the topic to include as much Portuguese content as possible he wrote a page for this group that operates in Portugal called Indigo House.   The Indigo Children's page is one of the most popular on Portuguese Wikipedia with over 400 views a day.  It is ranked at 4,149 most popular for November 2012. 

As an aside, the English Indigo Children page (which is well-written IMO and includes a quote from Bob Carroll) receives an amazing 2,000 views a day

And one more... this new release from Luís Pratas,  Power Balance.


Herman just joined our team and started translating Bob Carroll's personal WP page for us. 


Paul Kurtz's page got a makeover.  Before the re-write.


Mark Boslough's page got a makeover
Here it is Before.

A brand new released page for Stuart Firestein.  The even cooler part was that we managed to get Firestein's page on the front page of Wikipedia for 8 hours.  That added a few thousand views from people outside the skeptical world.  


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