Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Got Your Wiki Back - Jerry Andrus en Español

The World Wikipedia project is still moving along as planned.  Joining Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Russian is a brand new Spanish page.

Thank you Linda Mazarredo and the Español team for another beautiful page everyone in our community should be familiar with, Jerry Andrus.

As a special treat Linda seems to have found a new video of Jerry Andrus performing his illusions, the video is in Español, but don't let that keep you from watching.  There are a few illusions I've never seen before and I thought I had seen them all.  The ability to WOW us with his own handmade illusions is one reason I selected Jerry Andrus to be the first focus of the World Wikipedia project, he is Universal, no words are needed to amaze us. 

As I look out my window tonight I see a gray and cold evening closing in.  The perfect night to stay home bundled up, take some time to watch all of these videos in whatever language you chose (many of these, our World Wikipedia editors have captioned in several languages).  You can show these to the young people in your life and open their eyes to the amazing world of optical illusions, and then have the discussion of how easily we can be fooled by our eyes.  Think about it, Jerry Andrus can be a discussion everyone on every political spectrum will enjoy, maybe it will facilitate that all important discussion we need to start having with each other, how do we know what we know?


Jerry Andrus in Español

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