Friday, June 22, 2012

Catch up with me this summer

Taking Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia on the road, catch up with me if you can.

July 6th - Silver Legacy - "End of Time" conference for MENSA (this is a closed conference unless you are a member of MENSA)  Skepticism in Action - I will be on a panel with Brad Lutts (Reno Skeptics), Ben Radford and Mark Edward.

That Friday night July 6th. Join the Reno Skeptics who are hosting a Skeptics in the Pub meetup.  Location to be determined but here is the FB group announcing it.

Saturday, July 7th - Reason4Reason will be featuring Mark Edward discussing his upcoming book Psychic Blues.  I will be there as well, so please if you are in the area of San Francisco that night come hang out with us.  

July 12 -16th find me wandering the venue with camera in hand at South Point (Las Vegas) during the TAM conference.  I will be gathering lots of data for Wikipedia.

August 9-12 find me in Eugene, OR for the Skeptic's Toolbox hosted at the University of Oregon.  I will be launching the re-writes of several faculty at the beginning of August.

August 30-Sept 4th - Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.  I'm told I might be able to arm-wrestle for a spot on a panel or two. 

September (Date to be determined) I will have my own lecture on Wikipedia for the Reason4Reason group in San Francisco.  Stay tuned for that.

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